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Outreach and Public Education is one of the core strategic functions of the FPB, and with the diversification of the global information landscape it has increasing importance. Driven by the revolutionary change in the way that information is channeled and consumed, the FPB engages with target audiences in ways that ensure we deliver high impact and high visibility for the organisation. The core mandate of the FPB is to classify media content and educate the public on the importance of adhering to age ratings on films they watch, games they play and certain publications they consume.

As part of supporting the government’s initiative of digital literacy the FPB has identified the importance of teaching children to use the internet responsibly. Children are beginning to use and access the internet at earlier ages with some educational institutions using smart devices as educational tools. Whilst the benefits can be said to speak for themselves, we cannot deny the dark side of the internet where children are exploited. In response to this plight, the FPB regularly conducts public awareness and educational campaigns with stakeholders within the information and communication technology sector.

Public awareness and education campaigns are conducted through:
• School activations
• Trade shows and exhibitions
• Stakeholder workshops and dialogues
• Community workshops and dialogues
• Social media campaigns

Another key programme of the organization is that of anti-child pornography (or online sexual abuse). The Film and Publication Board resolved to intensify work in promoting awareness and empowering children and communities with regards to the dangers of Child Pornography; exposure of children to pornographic material and other undesirable content and the need to report incidents of such acts when identified.

This initiative is intended to raise the profile of child pornography as a social-ill that confronts communities across racial, economic and social classes.

The strategic objective of this initiative is the empowerment of children, parents, care-givers, educators and the general public on how to protect children against child pornography, exposure to pornography and other undesirable content.

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To contact our outreach team, please email obakeng.maimane@fpb.org.za or call 012 003 1400
To report child pornography or to find out more information, please visit our website http://fpbhotline.org.za or
call 0800 148 148 to report anonymously.

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