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The Client Support unit serves as the central point of liaison between the FPB's internal and external stakeholders on various issues relating to the FPB's regulatory mandate. Key stakeholders of the organisation include distributors of films, members of the public, government organisations, non-profit organisations (NGOs) and any other parties working within the film industry regulatory space. The unit provides information on regulation requirements, processes and procedures.

Our Contact Centre

The core function of the unit is to ensure effective, efficient and sustainable service delivery that meets the expectation of the client. All functions of the unit are managed at the call centre. Organisational queries management has been centralised through the creation of central communication points: fax 086 645 9277, phone toll-free 0800 000 555, or e-mail

The unit is also responsible for the receipt, approval and processing of applications for registrations/renewals and classification. Applications can be sent via the post, e-mail or fax, or dropped off at our regional or head office.

Service Delivery Standards

A. Queries management:

Acknowledge 100% of enquiries received within the working hours of each day.
Ensure resolution of queries and send feedback within 7 working days from date of receipt.
Escalate queries to the relevant units within 24 hours, and ensure resolution thereof within 72 hours of receipt.

B. Applications for registrations/renewals:

Acknowledge receipt of applications within 24 hours.
Process applications and ensure certificates are issued within 10 working days.

C. Service delivery expectations on client support staff:

Delivery of quality service to all stakeholders interacting with the FPB - the public, fellow staff members and other government agencies.
Emphasize and ensure that stakeholders are offered relevant and sufficient information as and when required.
Ensure that service delivery or any other complaints are addressed promptly, within the prescribed time-frames, to the full satisfaction of the client.
Ensure that internal and external stakeholders receive consistent and fair treatment at all times.
Where necessary, provide information about FPB services in languages other than English.
Exercise patience and empathy when addressing any special needs of stakeholders.
Employ an outside-in approach as a basis for enhancing client service expectation.

D. Bank deposits that do not reflect a reference or distributor details:

If payment is made to the FPB ABSA account but does not reflect distributor reference, or no application forms are sent to FPB to attach to the funds; the cash deposit will be kept for a period of 12 months while the FPB make efforts to trace the depositor.
Should all effotrs fail by the date of expiry of the twelve months, and the distributor is untraceable, the funds will be recognised as revenue by the FPB.
Once the funds are recognised by the FPB as revenue, the distributor will forfeit the right to claim the funds and cannot use the funds for future transactions.

FPB and Child-Line Gauteng

The Film and Publication Board has formed a strategic partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding with Child-Line Gauteng. Child-Line Gauteng is deeply involved in the protection of children, which makes it an ideal partner for FPB.

The partnership agreement is aimed at assisting victims of child pornography and child sexual abuse to access psycho-social services 24 hours, 365 days of the year through a 24/7 crisis help-line. Child pornography victims are guaranteed professional assistance through interaction with professional counsellors available via 0800 148 148.

In order to join hands in the fight against child pornography and child sexual abuse, the FPB Toll-Free Anti-Child Pornography Hotline is linked to the 24/7 crisis help-line at Child-Line Gauteng to ensure continued service throughout the day, seven days a week. The partnership has been established to ensure that psycho-social services are offered to children and their families through:

After-hours linkage of the FPB toll-free line and the Child-Line 24/7 toll-free crisis line;
Professional night counselling services in the seven community-based Child-Line centres;
Placement of affected children in the Child-Line Sunlight Safe House, if the family is unsuitable; and
A major awareness and prevention programme in Gauteng schools.

FPB and SA Post Office

The Client Support unit at the FPB is responsible for processing and issuing distributor certificates for both registrations/renewals and classification. To ensure efficient, safe and timeous delivery of certificates, the FPB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the South African Post Office (SAPO).

The SAPO, through its Mail Business Solutions, provides a Bulk Mail Solution Service, which entails the postage of bulk mail that the FPB needs to send to distributors nationwide. The service includes the following:

Letter Type (volume)
Name and address of recipient (distributor)
Address cleaning
Specific posting requirements (ordinary or registered mail)

Your Voice…is our CONCERN

Our Client Support administration staff are trained to be customer-centric, patient and committed to improving turnaround times on service delivery, in line with Batho Pele principles, to promote administrative justice that is fair and ethical, at all times ... putting our clients first.

We would like to hear from you. Please send service delivery compliments, complaints or queries to:

Toll-free: 0800 000 555


Fax: 086 645 9277

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