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Hyper-Sexualizing Women and the Media

by Phumelela Bandezi, Research Young Professional at the Film and Publication Board Mass media contributes to the sexualising of women. This is seen through the portrayal of women in social media, television, and video gaming. In 2020, the film Cuties caused much...

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The internet has no firewall for patriarchy

As we celebrate Youth Month, in remembrance of the historic uprising in Soweto and Langa townships this month 43 years ago, we reflect on the challenges young people face today. No doubt the past few years have been the toughest since our democracy. Levels of unemployment sit at 27%, the economy has not really recovered from the 2008 global recession. Forecasts predict it’s not going to get better soon. And who has borne the brunt of all this? Our youth unfortunately.

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Parents be warned: Gaming is no child’s play

South African parents ought to turn their attention urgently to their children playing and constructing social rules outside the influence and guidance of adults. Violent media content, simulated and or real, is so pervasive and so viral it calls for an urgent rescue mission and a call to action.

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Going sober on cyber: Will VR leave a mark on our kids?

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality particularly in the games and entertainment space is rising rapidly in South Africa. The Film and Publication Board, mandated to regulate media content for purposes of protecting children from premature exposure to potentially harmful content in South Africa, is watching these developments with interest, and some trepidation.

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The miseducation of “Y”: Why the Gender Summit is critical

The #MeToo movement began with American activist Tarana Burke and became popularised when women in the media industry spoke out against sexual harassment and violence in the movie industry. But since October 2017 it’s turned into a global movement. The European parliament #MeToo movement opened up a debate of sexual harassment of women in its parliament, and locally activists and survivors have used the #MeToo movement to spur on campaigns such as #TotalShutdown and #TimeisNow.

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Is Cultural Sensitivity the new blasphemy?

The Films and Publications Board (FPB) regulates the production, exhibition and distribution of films, video games and some publications, as mandated in the Films and Publications Act of 1996. Whilst executing this mandate the board found itself in the middle of a media storm late in 2017. At issue was the film Inxeba: The Wound.

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