Do You Know Your Ratings?

If films or games are age-restricted, it means that they are legally restricted for all children under the specified age, but advisory for children of and above the specified age.

Games and Films

 Material is suitable for ALL ages (only applicable to Film’s)

 Indicates that parents and caregivers are in the best position to decide whether or not a child in their care may view film or DVD for home entertainment purposes

 Material is not suitable for children under the age of 7. Children from the ages of 7-9 years may not be allowed to watch a film classified 7-9 unless accompanied by an adult

 Material is not suitable for children under the age of 10. Children from the ages of 10-12 years may not be allowed to watch the film unless accompanied or supervised by an adult.

 Not suitable for persons under the age of 13

 Not suitable for persons under the age of 16

 Not suitable for persons under the age of 18

 Means only a holder of a licence to conduct the business of adult premises, set out in section 24 of the Act, may distribute the film to persons older than 18

 The material may not be distributed or exhibited anywhere

Mandatory Classifiable Elements Applicable

   Alerts that there is use of bad language

   Indicates scenes involving sex, sexual conduct or sexually-related activity

   Indicates scenes involving sexual violence

   Indicates scenes involving nudity

   Warns of physical and psychological violent scenes

   Alerts to scenes of substance (drugs and alcohol) abuse

   Alerts that there are scenes of Horror

   Warns of scenes or language that is biased or prejudiced with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other identifiable group characteristics

CT – Criminal Techniques, and instructional details of illegal and dangerous acts that may be life-threatening and that are detailed enough to be re-enacted or self-instructional
IAT – Imitative Acts or Techniques, where there are dangerous act or techniques that may be copied or imitate, especially by children
CI – Competitive Intensity, is the degree to which a player gets personally involved, and the level of excitement created in the players as they engage with the various game levels in order to gain incentives and rewards

Voluntary Classifiable Elements Applicable


PPS – Photo or pattern sensitivity, motion sickness and reactions to low frequency sound

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