Profile of Mrs TNF Mpumlwana

With education degrees from the University of South Africa and the University of Natal in  Pietermaritzburg already to her credit, Thoko Mpumlwana was awarded an MA in the fields of Curriculum Development and Teacher Education by Michigan State University in the United States.

Her professional career has focused largely on teaching and related areas. Church and NGO involvement in the 1980s succeeded her student activities of the 1970s, where her chief interests were issues affecting the black community and women. She carried these interests into her formal school teaching career, between 1983 to 1994.

Ms Mpumlwana is one of the original commissioners of the Electoral Commission, which was established in 1997. Prior to her appointment to the commission, Ms Mpumlwana’s work at the Centre for Scientific Development at the Human Sciences Research Council centred on gender equity and research into women’s involvement in higher education.

She has also been chair of the South African Council of Churches Women’s Working Group, and has been active in publishing as both an author and an editor.

Ms Mpumlwana remains active in community development, the promotion of human rights and gender equality, and in education by serving on the boards of the Film and Publication Board (FPB), the Independent Development Trust (IDT), the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR), the Women’s Development Foundation (WDF), South African Women in Dialogue (SAWD), and the Council of the University of Pretoria, among others.

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