The Film and Publication Board’s (FPB) through its on-line monitoring activities became aware of the distribution of a You Tube video which contained classifiable elements.  The video was uploaded by Rabonni Church Ministries which showed young children being made to drink petrol.

Upon examination of the video, the Classification Committee classified the video clip 13IAT.  This means that the video in its unclassified form is not suitable to children under the age of 13 as it contains imitable acts.

The Classification Committee found that although the themes of the video aforementioned are centered on religion; faith; scripture; miracles and beliefs; the video contained some instances of harmful imitative acts and techniques of a moderate nature.  There is real footage of human petrol consumption shown in the video clip, which might be harmful to young children under the age of 13 whose moral development is not complete.  The video clip also appears to use religion to encourage or promote harmful behavior in contravention of Section 18(3) (b)(ii) of the Films and Publications Act, No 65 of 1996 (“The Act”).

Section 18 of the Act makes it peremptory for all films and games, including films or games that may contain scenes that may be disturbing or harmful to, or age-inappropriate for children, to be classified by the FPB with reference to the relevant guidelines issued by the Board by imposing appropriate age restrictions and such other conditions as may be necessary to protect children in the relevant age categories from exposure to such material.

A compliance notice has since been sent to Google and Rabonni Church Ministries calling upon them to remove the unclassified video clip within 24 hours.

01 October 2014  

Issued by the Film and Publication Board

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