18 March 2016, Johannesburg. The Film and Publication Board (FPB) confirms that it has communicated to Netflix their obligation to comply with the Film and Publications Act, regarding both registration and classification requirements and the prescribed licensing fee.

Section 18 (1) (a) of the Act states that any person who distributes or exhibits any film or game in the Republic shall in the prescribed manner of payment of the prescribed fee (the fee is an amount that has been gazetted by the Minister in pursuant of the act) – register with the Board as a distributor of films and games.

This applies to all distributors of games and films in South Africa and includes Netflix. By requiring distributors to comply with the Act, the FPB seeks to ensure it executes its mandate equally in respect of all distributors, without impartiality.

FPB encourages and welcomes foreign investment into the country such as Netflix, who is a foreign based company distributing content in the Republic. That being said, the laws of the country must be observed by everyone including foreign investors.

There are a number of distributors whom the FPB has offered to train and this has been communicated to the relevant parties. The training is part of the standard online distribution agreement which distributors are required to sign, including Netflix.

Media contact:
Janine Raftopoulos
Film and Publications Board
Manager: Communications and Public Education
+ 27 12 003 1400
+27 71 444 3121

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