Compliance Monitoring

FPB monitors visit distributors and exhibitors of films; DVD and games in order to ensure that outlets are properly registered with the board and that compliance with Act is adhered to in terms of sections 27 and 28 which prohibit the possession or distribution of child pornography to children. Exception in terms of section 24 is granted for the distribution or viewing of X18 pornographic materials where the holder of the licence complies with provisions of the Act to conduct his/her business in adults’ only premises.

Distributors are therefore required to ensure that the age restriction, consumer information and any other condition imposed by the Board are clearly displayed in all advertisements and on the cover or packaging of every film.

Film and Publication Board encourages partnerships with various stakeholders in the industry including the general public to ensure that we protect children against the distribution or viewing of potentially harmful, disturbing or inappropriate materials/images.

The Board calls upon all members of the public to:
  • Share your responses to specific films and particular age restrictions in order to contribute to the task of protecting children;
  • Provide us with feedback on age ratings in general;
  • Complain or alert the Board of any publication that may not comply with the Films and Publications Act, and/ or
  • Report non-compliance by adult only premises that permit children to access their premises.
  • Members of the public may report distributors who are unlawfully distributing unclassified material to client support services on or 0800 000 555.

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