The Child Protection team’s work is guided by the mandate of the Film and Publication Board which is ensure that children are not exposed to adult content/ age-inappropriate content prematurely and that the use of and exposure of children to child pornography be punishable by law.


The Film and Publication Board; as part of the intervention to curb the creation, distribution and possession of child pornography has:

  • A Hotline dedicated to allowing the public an opportunity to report any suspected Child Sexual Abuse Material they come across.
  •  The Hotline is also dedicated to providing telephonic psychosocial support

The Child Protection Team works closely with Online Monitors to ensure that calls and report received through the hotline website are attended to timeously.


In order to see that Child Sexual Abuse Material is dealt with across the board; the FPB forms part of INHOPE (International Hotline Association). INHOPE affords hotlines across the world the opportunity to report CSAM worldwide in order to ensure that such content is taken down and/or reported to law enforcement across the world (through INTERPOL).


The Film and Publication Board Child Protection Team is; in their work, guided by the following South African legislature:

  • The Film and Publication Act no.65 of 1996
  • The Children’s Act no.38 of 2005
  • The Sexual Offences and Other Related Matters Act of 2007

To learn more about the FPBHotline please click on the link below:

  • About InHope:

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