Appeals Tribunal

  • Mr.   Siyazi Tyamtyam (Chairperson)
  • Ms.  Sohani Natasha Chundhur
  • Ms.  Sisanda Nkoala
  • Ms.  Nomaswazi Rachel Shabangu-Mndawe
  • Dr.   Litheko Modisane
  • Mr.   Phuti Nehemia Phukubje
  • Mr.   James Shikwambana
  • Ms.  Manko Thalitha Bufffel (Re-Appointment)

The broad mandate of the Appeal Tribunal is to hear appeals against classification decisions made by the classification committees in respect of publications, films and games. Members of the Tribunal are appointed for a period of five years and serve on a part-basis by the Minister of Communications.

The Appeal Tribunal determines whether, on the merits, the correct decision has been made by a classification committee. It is required by the Act to be independent and to carry out its functions without any bias.

Parties appearing before the Appeal Tribunal are entitled to be legally represented at the and the hearings are open to the public. The decisions of the Tribunal are, in term of section 20 (5) of the Act, decisions of the FPB and are thus final.

Generally a decision is made after the hearing and reasons for the decision are provided.

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