About Us

Our vision is to be a credible and visible content-classification authority. Our mission is to ensure efficient and effective consumer protection through regulation of films, games and certain publications; while empowering the public, especially children, through robust information sharing.

We regulate the content of films, games and certain publications through classification by:

  • Maintaining relevance to the values and norms of South African society through scientific research;
  • Balancing the right to freedom of expression with an obligation to protect children from exposure to potentially disturbing, harmful and inappropriate materials;
  • And protecting children from sexual exploitation in media content in order to educate the broader South African society to make informed choices.

The Films and Publications Act (No 65 of 1996) as amended establishes the Film and Publication Board. The objectives of this Act are to:

  • Regulate the creation, production, possession, and distribution of certain publications and certain films by means of classification, the imposition of age restrictions, and giving of consumer advice;
  • And make exploitative use of children in pornographic publications, films, or on the internet punishable.

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