Classification of Films, Games and Publications

The FPB CEO constitutes the classification committee whose members are required to view every film to be distributed in South Africa to ensure that the classification decision is based on the law and accepted community standards of tolerance in terms of religious and cultural diversity; gender; ethnicity; etc.

The classification of films and interactive game products remain the main activity of the board, both in terms of workload and income earned from industry tariffs.

All members of the public who write to the Board to complain about film classification decisions or who give the Board general feedback on the guidelines use for classification receive replies to their correspondence.

Only pornographic publications need to be passed by the FPB before they are released on the market. The Board does, however, deal with complaints received from the public regarding specific publications.

Regulations - Films and Publications Amendment Act 3 of 2009

New Gazetted Tariffs



Press releases

The Film and Publication Board’s (FPB) through its on-line monitoring activities became aware of the distribution of a You Tube video which contained classifiable elements. The video was uploaded by Rabonni Church Ministries which showed young children being made to drink petrol.


You are hereby notified of an increase on classification and registration fees which will take effect on 07 April 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know regarding Classification.



Report Child Pornography

Report Anonymously any material you find that you think includes images of child pornography.

Or you can make a report via the telephone hotline on 0800 148 148.


Report fraud

Report any fraud and corruption related activities to 0800 701 701

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