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Classification and Compliance

Information about internet abuse and child pornography

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Anonymously report, child pornography, sexual abuse & exploitation on the internet.

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The Film & Publication Board regulates the media environment through the classification of content by:


Maintaining relevance to the values and norms of South African society through scientific research


Balancing the right to freedom of expression with an obligation to protect children from exposure to potentially disturbing, harmful and inappropriate materials


Protecting children from sexual exploitation in media content in order to educate the broader South African society to make informed choices

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Enter the full or partial film title. The FPB classifies all film material distributed in South Africa (except that shown on TV as broadcasters have their own regulatory body).

Do You Know Your Ratings

If films or games are age-restricted, it means that they are legally restricted for all children under the specified age, but advisory for children of and above the specified age. Read More >

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