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  • The Equalizer
    The Equalizer

    Classification: 16 LV 
    Genre: Crime/Thriller
    Running time: 131 min

  • Good people
    Good people

    Classification: 16 LV 
    Genre: Action/Thriller
    Running time: 91 min

  • The Maze runner
    The Maze runner

    Classification: 13 V H
    Genre: Thriller
    Running time: 112 min

  • Planes: Fire & Rescue
    Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Classification: PG 
    Genre: Adventure/Animation
    Running time: 84 min

  • A Madea Christmas
    A Madea Christmas

    Classification: 7-9 PG L 
    Genre: Comedy
    Running time: 96 min

  • Hard to Get
    Hard to Get

    Classification: 16 DLSV
    Genre: Action/Romance
    Running time: 95 min

  • Sunshine on Leith
    Sunshine on Leith

    Classification: 10-12 PG
    Genre: Comedy/Drama musical/Romance
    Running time: 100 min

  • Dracula Untold
    Dracula Untold

    Classification: 13
    Genre: Adventure/Horror
    Running time: 95 min

  • Dolphin Tale 2
    Dolphin Tale 2

    Classification: PG
    Genre: Drama/Family
    Running time:107 min

  • I Origins
    I Origins

    Classification: 13 LS
    Genre: Drama/Sci-fi
    Running time: 108 min

  • City of Violence
    City of Violence

    Classification: 16 LPVND
    Genre: Thriller
    Running time: 110 min

  • And so it goes
    And so it goes

    Classification: 10 L
    Genre: Romance
    Running time: 90 min



Press releases

The Film and Publication Board’s (FPB) through its on-line monitoring activities became aware of the distribution of a You Tube video which contained classifiable elements. The video was uploaded by Rabonni Church Ministries which showed young children being made to drink petrol.


You are hereby notified of an increase on classification and registration fees which will take effect on 07 April 2014.


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Report any fraud and corruption related activities to 0800 701 701

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Note: As limited information is available for films classified by the FPB before 2000, the entries under all the classifiable elements for these films (language, violence, etc) will be designated as "none".


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